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Free training opportunities

You can find out more about our courses, register your interest and discuss any individual needs by contacting Vicky on 01207 283016, via facebook (@quakiesvillagehall) or email We hold regular enrolment days/events and we encourage you to come along and find out what's on offer. We currently offer the following opportunities:

  • Living your Best Life is a 5 hour course, it can be a stand alone course or an introduction to the rest of the courses, designed to introduce the 5 ways to wellbeing and create an action plan after identifying what you can do to improve your wellbeing.           

  • Craft and Connect is a 5 hour course, where you can learn different crafts and how these support mental health and wellbeing. As well as meeting other people with whom you can connect.

  • Walking for Wellness is a 5 hour course, delivered over 2 sessions, where you can learn how walking and being present supports mental health, safety considerations and discover some local routes.

  • Healthy Eating and Budgeting is a 5 hour course, giving learners information about healthy eating, meal planning & budgeting.

  • Peer Support in Volunteering is a 21 hour for people who are currently, or are interested in, volunteering in a setting where supporting other people will be part of the role. It will cover the role of the peer supporter, skills required, what peer support is not, practical skill development and finding out what support is available to support you in your role. It is a day 3 course or it could be delivered over 7 sessions, depending upon the needs of the learners. 

  • Pause, Breathe and Reboot is a 21 hour course, delivered over 7 sessions to help people learn about mindfulness, relaxation, coping strategies, healthy lifestyles and self reflection to support mental health

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