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Another Fantastic Gala Day at Durham

16 Jul 2023

South Moor Banner once again joined Craghead Banner and the Craghead Colliery Band on their annual outing to Durham for the Miners Gala. The day began early with a parade from Craghead Village Hall to The Vic Club where we boarded the buses and set off for Durham. From the Market Square we joined the procession across Elvet Bridge and over towards the show field. This year it was Craghead Colliery Bands chance to stop and play in front of the County Hotel for the officials on the balcony. We made it to the show field in time for breakfast and to secure seating in the shade (and shelter) of the trees which helped keep us dry during a slight shower. Luckily it didn't last long and had passed by the time it was our timeslot to process back through Durham to return home. Our bus had a great return journey singing Bus Karaoke although I'm not sure the driver appreciated it as much! Overall, a great day was had by all who marched with both banners and we are looking forward to next years Gala which will be held on Saturday 13th July.
If anyone would like to join us please get in touch.

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